I am so grateful to have made the choice to embark on my transformation journey with Dr Singh and her team at Silhouette Aesthetic Center.

Before getting my procedure done, I was very unhappy with my body as a young mom of 2 and felt I couldn’t really enjoy being myself fully because of this. I needed to match my inside with my external body so I reached out to Dr Singh in hopes that she would help. I was met and handled with beautiful energy at the clinic, in every single post-op visit.

Currently, I am 2 weeks post-op and to say I am happy with my results is an understatement. I am blown away. I got Vaser 4D on my abdomen and Vaser on the back, which was a lot to deal with in recovery but my results were instant and have been getting better through the days.

The recovery process is not easy at all but Dr Singh and her team cared enough to make me feel at ease about the whole process. Everything was explained to me in detail, therefore, I was fully aware of why certain things were happening the way they happened and I was able to play my part in aiding my recovery.

As someone who came in from outside South Africa, the team made an effort to make sure I am well accommodated and generally as comfortable as possible during my post-op stay.

I am so excited to see the progress I will make through my on-going recovery process. Right now I am in love with how far my body has come and I feel a complete internal and external alignment. I look forward to what the future holds and wish Dr Singh and her team every good thing.