I just want to start off my saying a huge “thank you” to Dr Singh and her amazing team. They are so caring and sweet, I felt like I was at home.

I had my arms, stomach and legs done, a lot I know but so worth it. It was a long process of healing and still is. The results were instantly recognisable and I see my body changing daily still!

This operation was the best thing that I could have spoiled myself with and my body is exactly how I pictured it would be. I lost a grand total of 44cm and about 5kg’s.

I still have some swelling as it’s only been a month, can’t wait to see my bodies changes within the next couple of months.


I am a 65 year old South African female of German descent. My maternal family background has obesity, diabetes and even amputations, which I feared as a child and have spent all my life fighting these genes. I have always been on one or other diet, tried various sports and exercise in an effort to control my weight. In my years of half-marathon training I avoided all carbohydrates and still gained weight.

I had the old original liposuction on my saddlebags at age 38 which was quite successful. For many years now I have been studying the Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing magazine looking for a non-invasive, safe, yet sedated way of removing fat from my tummy and upper arms. When I found the articles on Vaser Lipo and Dr. Hema Singh, I knew that was my answer. I  booked my consultation and immediately confirmed in my heart, that this was the right thing to do.

Dr. Singh and her staff were absolutely amazing in their care and compassion. My husband tried to convince me that it wasn’t necessary to do it for his sake, but I was so unhappy with myself, that he supported me all the way. Immediately after the procedure my tummy was flat, which my husband could hardly believe.

I have lost 51cm, am two dress sizes smaller, and although I am only 5 Kg lighter my shape is amazing. I am delighted with the results and so grateful for the loving care of Dr. Singh and her amazing staff. I have been keeping my nicest and most expensive clothes over the years and I now fit elegantly into them all.

I am now a happy, contended person and have no fears of old age.


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