Dr. Hema Singh

Dr. Singh is the founding member of Silhouette Aesthetic Centre, and the Centre operates at the Rivonia office/centre and consult on occasion special request at the Benoni branch. Dr. Singh began her medical profession in 1996.

She studied at University of the Witwatersrand, where she completed her Bsc degree. She obtained her MB BCh. degree from the Medical University of South Africa.

During this period, she developed an interest in Aesthetic Medicine and began doing extensive research into the worldwide medical techniques available to enhance one’s physical appearance. Dr. Singh has studied in Toulon, France, and was instrumental in bringing the technique of Laser Lipolysis to South Africa. She has also completed studies in Dermatology.

At the outset, Silhouette Centre focused largely on the Laser Lipolysis treatment, with great success. Dr. Singh trained in Nottingham, U.K., adding “Advanced Laser Lipolysis” to her achievements.

The Centre has developed further beauty offerings, for weight loss, cm reduction, skin rejuvenation, medical procedures – gp, and beauty, offering a full spectrum of Aesthetic & Beauty services.

While still using Laser Lipolysis, with the advent of the ground-breaking system using Ultrasound, known as Vaser Lipolysis, the practice has moved to this far more effective treatment method.

Dr. Singh has subsequently focused on the Vaser Lipolysis system, and is one of the few centers in the country to be using this revolutionary new procedure, and She has become a leader in the field of the Vaser System.
During her career she also managed an emergency ward in a private clinic, which provided her with added knowledge and expertise in dealing with difficult situations effectively.

In 2010 she received training in Advanced Body sculpting techniques under the tutelage of a world-renowned South American Plastic Surgeon who has trained some of the Doctors from the popular TV Series “Dr. 90210”
In 2012 she received intensive training in 4 d sculpt .. ( the paragraph can stay the same ). In 2015 Dr Singh joined the European College  of aesthetic medicine and surgery ( ECAMS ) in Bologna in Italy where she successfully completed training in her masters in body sculpting and fat transfer techniques.  She has attained her certificate and diploma in aesthetic and anti ageing medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic medicine. She has attained many certificates in integrative and anti ageing medicine under the tutelage of Dr Craig Golding. Trained with the world renown trainers for anti-ageing miracle injectables and fillers .

Dr. Singh has a number of qualifications including

  • Bsc 1993
  • Mbchb 1996
  • HIV course
  • Dermatology diploma
  • Practice management certificate
  • Masters in practice management
  • Botox / fillers certificates – beginners / advanced / masters
  • Certificate in aesthetic medicine – American academy
  • Diploma in aesthetic medicine -American Academy
  • Masters in aesthetic medicine
  • laser assisted lipolysis course in Nottingham UK 2008
  • Laser assisted Liposuction in Toulon France 2008
  • Vaser assisted Liposelection .. Uk Trainer .. 2009
  • Advanced body sculpting using Vaser technology .. Katowice , Poland with South American trainer Dr Alfredo Hoyos from Bogota , Colombia , South America ( 2010 )
  • 4 Dimensional Body Sculpting with Fat Transfer techniques .. with South American trainer Dr Alfredo Hoyes in Bogota , Colombia (2011)
  • Masters in Body Sculpting with Fat assisted Grafting in Bologna , Italy with European Council of Aesthetic Medicine abs Surgery ( ECAMS ) in 2015
  • Attended all the Aesthetic and Anti ageing Congress ( AAMSA ) from 2008 to 2021

Attended Aesthetic Medicine world congresses

  • Trained in the use of PRP ( platelet rich plasma ) and it’s applications for body / face and hair rejuvenation .
  • Trained in basic and advanced applications of the use of APTOS THREADS FOR FACE AND BODY LIFTING
  • Trained in the use of the Mint Threads for face lifting
  • Trained with the Allergan Trainers in all the the applications of toxin and filler applications .
  • Achieved certificate and diploma in Intergrative and Functional medicine


Managed an emergency department at a private hospital .

Ran a successful general practitioner practice for 13 years .

Medical director and owner of Silhouette Aesthetic Centre for 14 years

A very experienced and accomplished medical Dr with 25 years medical experience  in the field of medicine spanning

General medicine , aesthetic medicine , surgical and cosmetic surgery , emergency medicine .

Has been asked to judge many beauty competitions in the beauty industry . Her patients come from far and wide internationally and locally .

Many well known celebrities have been patients of Silhouette Aesthetic Centre .

Dr Singh has been invited to talk and advise on many media platforms about aesthetic medicine including

  • radio 702
  • Metro fm
  • Kaya fm
  • Radio lotus
  • Eastern mosaic
  • Lifestyle program on tv

About Silhouette Centre

Silhouette Aesthetic Centre has established its reputation as one of the leading forces in bringing new procedures to Southern Africa.

We provide clients with technologically advanced anti-ageing solutions, body shaping, contouring, both minimally, and non-invasive, covering almost all aspects of the Aesthetic spectrum.

We have expanded to form part of the growing demand for “medi-spas” in South Africa. Our product line has been well researched with visible results. The equipment used at the centre is part of the latest state-of-the-art technology available nationally and internationally.

Each patient has a one-on-one consultation with our resident physician.This enables us to create a lasting relationship, which is essential for after care service.

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